Our Team


The architect and school-principal, just known as Auntie Rose

What an inspiring person you are! Auntie Rose shared that she was trained from the Birmingham Architecture School in the UK. We had conversations on how having been trained in architecture, becomes an asset and an advantage for her, who embarked in the business of education. Having a principal with a design-eye, who is able to make the best decisions when planning the school layout and overall design, is as cool (and cost-saving) as it gets, as she is her own client.

She shared that the initial concept of the building, was inspired by Nuh’s Ark (Noah’s Ark). She took elements of the ark/ship..and decided to use used-shipping containers, purchased from Port Klang.

The ‘ark’ also gave her the inspiration to design the custom circular windows, integrating nautical elements into a modern design. She has a rainwater harvesting system installed in her school, and shared that she uses as many sustainable and eco-friendly solutions as possible in her property. She plants many trees around, which adds to the cooling environment. The children and students are encouraged to respect nature, and it’s also part of their curriculum. Madrasati was just completed early 2017.